The Wright Brothers are recognised almost universally as the first to fly a heavier-than-air powered aeroplane on 17 December 1903 in America.

Progress in aviation in Britain was initially slow and the French took an early lead. In August 1908 Wilbur Wright demonstrated successful flight in France and, in July 1909, Louis Blériot flew his monoplane across the English Channel. The momentum of British aviation rapidly increased.

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Patrick Alexander

'Colonel' Samuel Cody

John Dunne

A V Roe

John Moore-Brabazon

Charles Rolls

Short Brothers

Frank McClean

Charles Rumney Samson

Noel Pemberton-Billing

Frederick Handley Page

Howard Wright

Claude Grahame-White

Robert Loraine

Geoffrey De Havilland

Tom Sopwith

Harry Hawker

Sir George White

Hilda Hewlett

John Cyril Porte

Benny Hucks

Gustav Hamel


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