Outside of France Britain and America, there were a number of notable early pioneers in Europe and further afield. Many of these pioneers worked in isolation, away from the centres of aviation activity, adapting ideas they learnt from published material.

It is well recognised that the First World War stimulated rapid aeroplane development. Prior to the war, it was publishers, writers and sponsors who stimulated the aspirations of aviation pioneers to achieve success beyond most people's expectations.







Pigs Might Fly: Early International Aviators

Hans Grade
August Euler
Igo Etrich
Mario Calderara
Harry Ferguson
Igor Sikorsky
John Duigan
Gianni Caproni
Hélène Dutrieu
Henri & Armand Dufaux
Jorge Chavez
Lilian Bland
Henry Coandă
Anthony Fokker
Melli Beese
Billy Hart

Lord Northcliffe (Daily Mail)
Alfred Lawson
James Gordon Bennett
Gertrude Bacon
Jacques Schneider


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